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Compassionate Care Day Retreats

This is half-day retreat for participants who have done The Compassionate Living, or Compassionate Living Graduate Workshops, and wish to strengthen their practices. The afternoon will be conducted in a retreat format and will include mindfulness and compassion practices such as the Compassionate Body Scan, Affectionate Breathing, Loving-kindness Meditation and Giving and Receiving Compassion. It will also include Walking and Movement practices. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and bring a snack.

Details of the Compassionate Care Day Retreats

1 Session, approximately 4.5 hours 9:30-2:00. PLEASE ARRIVE 9:00-9:15 TO SETTLE IN. THE RETREAT STARTS PROMPTLY AT 9:30 AM. Have a snack prepared ahead of time for Savouring Food.


Wed., Feb., 7, 2024: The Joy of Self-Appreciation

Tues., April 9, 2024: Gratefully Living from our Values

Wed., May 8, 2024: Forgiveness (For the Compassionate Living Community only)


Effective December 1, 2022, all groups and appointments to be conducted on ZOOM for Healthcare. This will continue until further notice.

The Process

All applicants may be required to meet with me for a brief re-assessment to determine if this workshop is the correct action at this time. This meeting does not guarantee entry into the group. All applicants must have completed the Mindful Living Workshop or equivalent and be coping adequately with Depression &/ or Anxiety. This workshop is not a substitute for individual therapy.

All sessions paid by OHIP. Cost of handouts: TBD, and maybe sent by email

*Regardless of the reason, if you are late, leave early or cancel with less than one week's notice,  you pay directly out of pocket according to the following fee schedule:

Missed session: $101.00 (subject to change without notice)
Late fee (or leaving early) approx., $14.00 per 1/2 hour (subject to change without notice)
A deposit of $98.00 is required before starting the group. No refunds of deposits for cancellations within 1 WEEK of a Contemplation Day.

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